Thursday, 13 February 2014

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Monday, 10 February 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 9th Feb. 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 9th Feb. 2014
1) Write Short Notes on the following.
a)        Shatrughan Chauhan vs. Union of India,
b)       International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
c)        Supervening events
d)       Art.21 / Art.72/ Art.161
e)        Smt. Triveniben vs. State of Gujarat (1989)
2) Are you aware that the Supreme Court of India has laid down as many as 12 guidelines to safeguard the interests of death-row convicts?
3) The court decided that inordinate delay in deciding a mercy petition is a valid supervening factor, which can render the execution of a convict unconstitutional. Discuss.
4) A two-judge Bench of the Supreme Court ruled that delay could not be claimed as a supervening factor eligible for commutation of the death sentence if the accused was convicted for an offence of terrorism. Critically Analyze
5)  All death sentences imposed are implicitly the most heinous and barbaric and rarest of its kind and that the law does not prescribe an additional period of imprisonment in addition to the sentence of death for any such exceptional depravity involved in the offence. Elaborate.
6) Insanity of the convict, after the imposition of the death sentence, is also the supervening factor which the court accepted as a ground for granting relief from executing the sentence. Explain.
7) The Supreme Court's judgment has raised hopes that in future, execution of the death sentence may become near impossible, even though imposition of the death sentence itself is constitutionally permissible. Elaborate.
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 5th Feb 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Editorial Question -  5th Feb. 2014
 1)  Discuss the role & Importance of International Labour Organisation(ILO).
2)  In India around 90 per cent of the workforce in the unorganised sector lacks even the basic social protection that is necessary for the reproduction of labour. Discuss.
3)  According to Global Employment Trends report 2014, 13.1 per cent rate of unemployment in the 15-24 years age-group globally is more than twice that among the adult population. Elaborate.
4)  Do you agree that the number of youths who are neither in employment nor in education or training is on the rise in many countries including India?
5)  As much as 45 per cent of all new job-seekers will be from East and South Asia, the region that already lags behind on several indicators that are critical to human development. Critically Analyze.
6)  It is Self-evident that the growth and the levels of job creation reinforce one another, a fact overlooked by fiscal conservatives. Elaborate.
7)  Strong social protection measures will not only promote the overall interests of the workforce and the economy in general in the medium term, they will also lay the foundation to face the demographic transition over the next two decades. Comment.
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Monday, 3 February 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 1st Feb 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 1st Feb 2014
1) One person's anarchist could well be another person's activist. Discuss.
2) When streets erupt in a democracy, it is nearly always because institutions are not delivering as they had promised to. It is never a good idea to barricade popular voices by institutional walls. Critically Analyze.
3) Times have changed and we are no longer battling colonialism, dictatorships or apartheid. Today, democracies are troubled because their leaders wear earplugs and citizens shout in vain. Do you agree?
4) The singular thing about democracy is that political rulers must earn their respect and not demand it, just because they are in office. Comment.
5) Neither street demonstrations nor working from a makeshift office under a tent amounts to anarchism. It is violence, both physical and verbal, that invites anarchy .Elaborate. 
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