Monday, 3 February 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 1st Feb 2014

GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question - 1st Feb 2014
1) One person's anarchist could well be another person's activist. Discuss.
2) When streets erupt in a democracy, it is nearly always because institutions are not delivering as they had promised to. It is never a good idea to barricade popular voices by institutional walls. Critically Analyze.
3) Times have changed and we are no longer battling colonialism, dictatorships or apartheid. Today, democracies are troubled because their leaders wear earplugs and citizens shout in vain. Do you agree?
4) The singular thing about democracy is that political rulers must earn their respect and not demand it, just because they are in office. Comment.
5) Neither street demonstrations nor working from a makeshift office under a tent amounts to anarchism. It is violence, both physical and verbal, that invites anarchy .Elaborate. 
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