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GS - Current Affairs - Editorial - Questions - 24th Dec 2013

GS - Current Affairs - Editorial - Questions - 24th Dec 2013
1) Access to ultrasound technologies distorts the nations demographic profile. Evaluate.
2)The historical practice of female foeticide is no longer limited to mere acts of individual criminality. Explain.
3)Domestic laws do not reflect the spirit of global conventions on the rights of the child and the elimination of discrimination against women. Discuss.
4)Chinas recent decision to loosen the single-child norm could strengthen opinion in India that has been consistently critical of the deployment of coercive means to control population. Comment.
5)Among the many manifestations of gender discrimination in India, the most premeditated action involves the so-called boy-preference, the systematic elimination of female fetuses. Discuss.
6) The law that forbids sex-selections suffers from a lack of mandatory bodies to regulate the use of ultrasound technologies and monitor prenatal diagnostic clinics that offer clandestine services.Analyse.
7) Do you know that the Goa Law on Polygamy permits a second marriage for the husband when there is no son from the first marriage?
8)The prevalence of child marriages among as much as 30 per cent of girls aged between 15 and 19 years, compared to 5 per cent among boys, is a matter of some concern. Discuss.
9)Write Short Notes on
a) The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report,2013
b)The Pre-natal Diagnostic Act,1994

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