Monday, 16 December 2013

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GS - Current Affairs - Opinion - Question 17th Dec 2013

GS - Current Affairs  - Opinion - Question 17th Dec 2013
1) Food inflation owes largely to agricultural markets being regulated by outdated laws. Discuss.
2) The rising demand for food has been met not by an increased supply but by a rise in prices instead. Explain.
3) The increase in inflation is mainly due to the nearly 15 per cent increase in food prices. This has been led by a 61 per cent increase in the price of vegetables. Do you agree?
4) The share of cereals in total food consumption has declined as incomes have increased. Comment your views.
5) Minimum Support Price (MSP) system for cereals creates a pro-cereal bias in Food policy and Food production in India. Elaborate.
6) The existing laws hinder both food processing and direct organized retail tie-ups with farmers. Critically evaluate.
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